Services for Built Environment and Cultural Sector Professionals

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Three people are talking to each other across a table. layered with example exhibits of tactile design. A screen plays a video in the background.
DisOrdinary Architecture exhibition, ‘Architecture Beyond Sight’ produced as part of the Bloomsbury Festival.

The DisOrdinary Architecture Project has been working with architectural and built environment practitioners for over 10 years, finding collaborative ways to open up practices to a more creative and critical engagement with disability, ability, access and inclusion.We also work with associated fields such as museum and galleries curators and educators; theatre, performance and events coordinators and designers; as well as in relation to re-thinking a wide range of building types. Many disabled artists who work with The DisOrdinary Architecture Project already have considerable expertise in creative working around access and inclusion with museums and galleries, theatres and other events spaces, sports venues (with ongoing Olympics, Paralympics and Cultural Olympiad programmes internationally) as well as with other cultural organisations. We can offer a range of services here that aim to be enjoyable as well as enlightening, based on dialogue and through disability-led engagements with both ideas and spaces.

  •  Offering alternative inclusive design and diversity training as continuing professional development (CPD), that explores more creative alternatives and ways of thinking to conventional ‘access solutions’, including workshops and design charrettes;
  • Offering alternative kinds of access audit, built on discursive visits, crowd-sourcing and exploratory creative interventions;
  • Exploring innovative ways of enabling creative disabled people to influence attitudes and practices;
  • Enabling practice-based research and development partnerships.

For example:

We are currently working with the British Council to develop training for European Cities of Culture, to support creative and accessible events. In Italy, we are working in a 3-way partnership between the British Council, Matera 2019, and the Italian dance festival ‘Oriente Occidente’ (who already work with the UK disabled theatre company Candoco and also with many of Italy’s disabled dance artists) as part of national conversations they are hosting regarding dance & disability.  

The DisOrdinary Architecture Project (Zoe Partington, Noemi Lakmaier and Jos Boys) will offer a 2-day intensive process exploring one of the spaces used by Matera 2019, together with students from the Matera Open Design School – a project for young professionals in design and architecture. We will offer an inclusive design methodology that students can then continue to use to explore and examine other spaces of the year-long festival. We will also host, and contribute to, 2 short 90minute symposia – one looking at performing arts & disability, and one looking at architecture, space and cities.  The aim is to launch an ongoing debate and develop activities that last beyond our intervention. 

To organize a CPD or related workshop or activity, or to explore other ways of getting involved, go to Contact.

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