Services for Policy and Public Engagement

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Two book covers, one with an image of a person in a wheelchair in the London Eye, and the other showing a diagram of different types of bodies based on fictional characters.
Two key texts in support of ‘doing disability differently.’

We are interested to collaborate with the commissioners, clients, managers and curators of buildings and urban design, to find new ways to think and do disability, access and inclusion, that open up creative opportunities, rather than just appear to cause problems. We hope in the long term to be able to create a paradigm shift, that affects policy as well as public attitudes, We can do this by:

  • Offering keynote speakers, workshops and other resources in support of widening informed debate:
  • Communicating and promoting activities and resources to demonstrate methods for ‘doing disability differently’ across the built environment and cultural sectors;
  • Energising debate and increasing engagement by reaching wider audiences through public events, other activities and social media;
  • Connecting to key influencers and specialists to co-create long-term strategies for creatively designed access ;
  • Collaborating with organisations to redesign their services and spaces so to better enable inclusion and diversity, building on the creativity of disabled artists.

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